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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Exchange: Exporting Mailbox Properties Using PfdavAdmin


Microsoft's Pfdavadmin utility is a popular utility used to facilitate migrating public folder replicas or saving permissions. However, Pfdavadmin offers several other features. For example, Pfadavadmin can be used to export mailbox attributes and properties. One useful scenario I came across was to export total item counts for user's mailbox. It is well known that MAPI client experience is dictated by the total number of items within a mailbox rather than the mailbox size. A large item count can cause user's to receive, "Outlook is requesting data." Although this utility can be used to export many attributes or properties, this article will show an example of export user's total item count.

To get a listing of the number of mail items for each folder within each
mailbox, follow the steps below:

1. Download PFDavAdmin utility.


2. Launch PFDAVAdmin by double clicking on the file; PFDavAdmin.exe

3. On the File menu, select Connect.

The "Connect" dialog will now appear as shown below.

a. In the Connect dialog box, enter the name of the Exchange
server the mailboxes reside on. You do not have to specify GC.

b. Check the "Authenticate as currently logged on user"

c. Select "All mailboxes" under Connection and click OK.

4. On the Tools menu, select Options. Check the "Enable logging to file"
checkbox and click OK.

The "Options" dialog box will now appear as shown below.

Make sure that the box labeled; "Enable logging to file", is

Make sure that the box labeled; "Enable extended logging",
is unchecked.

5. On the Tools menu, select Export Properties.

The "PropertyExportForm" will now appear as shown below.

a. Select "All folders".

b. Create an Output File such as c:\ItemCount.txt by
clicking on the Ellipse button, "..."

The "Save As" dialog box will now appear as shown below.

Browse to the folder where you want to save the file.

Enter the file name, "itemcount" and select "Text file
(*.csv)" as the "Save as type".

Finally click on the Save button to create the export file.

c. Check the following Properties to export:

PR_CONTENT_COUNT : 0x36020003

PR_DISPLAY_NAME : 0x3001001E


6. Click on the button labeled, "OK".

PFDavAdmin will start to process all of the folders within the mailbox
and will display a progress bar.

When the Export Properties process completes you will see the screen

Simply close this dialog box and exit out of the PFDavAdmin utility.

James Chong
MCSE | M+, S+, MCTS, Security+

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Anonymous John Blight said...

The Exchsrvr\Bin directory is in the list of folders to exclude from scanning. However, Symantec's own documentation claims this directory is safe to scan. (ref.:

Do you have any comments on this?

4:52 AM  
Anonymous John Blight said...

Please ignore; the comment is in the wrong place.


5:03 AM  
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