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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Exchange: ESM Missing Public Folder Tree


When expanding ESM, your public folder tree is missing, however users can navigate through the public folder tree in Outlook.


You are missing your "msexchpftree" attribute in your configuration partition in Active Directory. Verify that CN=Public Folders exists in the following path:

From ADSI edit,
CN=Services,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=ORGANIZATION,CN=Administrative
Groups,CN=administrative_group,CN=Folder Hierarchies, (CN=Public Folders should exist)


From ADSI edit, navigate to CN=Services,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=ORGANIZATION,CN=Administrative
Groups,CN=administrative_group,CN=Folder Hierarchies. What you need to do is right click your CN=Folder Heirarchies and click new object and select msexchpftree. Enter Public Folders as the CN name, click next and click more attributes. Enter the Distinguished name CN=Public Folders,CN=Folder Hierarchies,CN=First Administrative
Group,CN=Administrative Groups,CN=MSexchange911,CN=Microsoft
Copy this distinguished name as you will need to paste it into another attribute. Click OK. Now you will need to locate your public folder store in ADSIEDIT.

Microsoft Exchange -> Org name -> Administrative Groups ->
First Administrative Group -> Servers ->
name -> Information Store -> First Storage Group
On the right pane, go to the properties of the "public folder store". Select the property to view: "msExchOwningPFTree" and paste that DN from earlier, click OK. Verify that the public folder tree is now visible in ESM.

James Chong (MVP)
Security+, Project+, ITIL
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a situation at a site where an admin has mistakenly deleted the “Advanced Security” and “Folder Hierarchies” containers in Active Directory Sites and Services. I’ve asked that they do an authoritative restore of the last known good AD backup but according to the admin, the missing containers persist even after the restore. Your tip sounds like it will resolve the PF issue, any ideas on the "Advanced Security" container or any way of recreating all (ok, most) of the Exchange Services containers?

12:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I get "The name reference is invalid" when I try and update the msExchOwningPFTree value when it contains "CN=MSexchange911", but when I exclude that CN, it works fine, I just don't get my public folders back. I'm probably missing something, but is "CN=MSexchange911" something that's organization-specific (perhaps the name of my exchange server)?

7:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Chong:

I must say that you are awesome and your blog is awesome. After countless hours of fruitlessly reading useless MSDN and MS Support docs and the senseless ramblings of others, your succinct example allowed me to zone in on the real issue I was having and fix the entire problem within 15 minutes. You have saved me countless hours of work and stress. Thank you again.

10:44 AM  
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Blogger For God gave me brain.. said...


I know your post is old but I just got this error and I need your help. I tried your suggestions but it says my Public Folders is still there so I cannot create another one with the same name. What happens in my side is that I mistakenly deny all permissions for everyone in the Public folders tree itself. Now i cannot see Public Folders under Folder (Hierarchies). PLease\ help.


7:16 AM  
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