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Monday, January 19, 2009

Exchange: Find Disabled Accounts with Mailboxes Via PowerShell

Summary: This article will go over how to search for disabled users with mailboxes. This is part 2. In part 1; this was done using ADUC.

Exchange: Find Disabled Accounts with Mailboxes

This part will go over how to use powershell.

1. Download Quest powershell.

Run the following query. I like to export just the name, description and altrecipient to find out if the mailbox is doing any forwarding as well.

[PS] H:\>get-qaduser -includedproperties altrecipient, homeMDB -disabled | select-object -property "name", "description" , "altrecipient", "homeMDB" > c:\mailboxes.csv

Then sort by HomeMDB

James Chong (MVP)
Security+, Project+, ITIL


Anonymous Shay Levy said...

Hi James,

If I were you I would remove the ldap filter for disabled users and use the builtin -disabled parameter (less to type),
you can also remove (objectClass=User) since get-qaduser gets user objects only :)

I would also add -sizeLimit 0 to bypass the 1000 objects limit and pipe the results to export-csv.

2:57 AM  
Blogger jamestechman said...

Even Better! Thanks Shay; you are the powershell master!!

7:07 AM  
Anonymous Alyssa said...

Hi James,

I've got a nagging problem that maybe you can post about.

Scenario: VP has an assistant who is a delegate and has explicit permissions to calendar, etc. Assistant leaves the company and her mailbox is deleted (AD account still exists, no MSX attributes). All explicit permissions and delegate status have been removed from VP's account.

Now, internal users sending meeting requests to the VP get NDR message from the *assistant*: "The e-mail account does not exist at the organization this message was sent to." The request is received by the VP but the NDRs are annoying to the people sending meeting requests to the VP.

I have already used adsiedit to verify no attributes in VP's account are still set for the assistant.

Sorry to leave this as a comment - I couldn't find a better way to post on your blog, and you looked like a good person to ask. :)


1:58 PM  
Anonymous Pat said...


You've probably already tried this, but we've run into this too and using the outlook.exe /cleanserverrules switch has helped clear this sometimes. When that fails, using the MFCMapi tool to remove the hidden rule from the VP's mailbox will work. Be careful using this tool as it is easy to hose the mailbox when used improperly. Make sure you review the doc before running it against the mailbox.

7:50 AM  
Anonymous Exchange email hosting said...

Pat: I'd be too wary with the MFCMapi tool... do you have any other suggestions?

1:06 AM  
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