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Monday, February 07, 2011

Migrating BES 5.0 to new Forest Using Transporter Suite

Coming soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this post available anywhere, if not when do you plan to publish it?

3:00 PM  
Blogger Johnny Mac said...

One key note if you are going to Enterprise Transporter to assist with the migration of BES user accounts in a cross-forest migration the BES in the source domain must be running in MAPI mode for name resolution and not be configured for LDAP. After the mailbox is migrated and the user is migrated using the Enterprise Transporter the source domain Exchange DN will still reside in the BES config db. Using MAPI for name resolution the BES will look for both the LegacyDN and DN address. LDAP performs a LegacyDN or DN address resolution. The BES will read the LegacyDN address in the newly migrated mailbox and the BES scangal process will update the Exchange DN stored in the BES config DB to the proper DN of the mailbox location. Users should start up after the scangal process completes. This could take up to 15 min.


6:25 PM  

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